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Being right is all about having accurate traffic data

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When you're making decisions based on data, the end result is only as good as the data that goes into it. So why use a traffic data collection tool that’s susceptible to error? Whether you’re counting vehicles, bikes, or people, Miovision can capture it all with 95%+ accuracy. Watch the webinar recording today to learn about:

  • The benefits of collecting high-quality traffic data
  • What can happen when inaccurate traffic data is used to inform infrastructure projects
  • How Miovision achieves 95%+ accuracy when turning video into traffic data
  • How Miovision’s traffic data analysis is verified 
  • DataLink and the benefits of an end-to-end traffic data platform



Katerina Hyzyk

Marketing Programs Manager, Miovision

Katerina Hyzyk is the Marketing Programs Manager at Miovision. She connects transportation professionals with solutions that can help transform their operations. She’s passionate about smart cities, and advancing transportation technologies that improve traffic networks and benefit citizens.


Jason Beierling

Manager Data Services, Miovision

Jason Beierling is the Manager of Data Services at Miovision. He leads a team of dedicated Data Quality Assurance Specialists who execute Miovision’s traffic data verification process.  He’s passionate about scaling process improvements and ensuring accurate and timely delivery of traffic data to Miovision’s customers globally.