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How artificial intelligence is already changing the way cities work

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Miovision technology has counted billions of vehicles, and that number grows every day. Our mountains of traffic data is what sets us apart from the competition. But why? 

Join us at our upcoming webinar: How artificial intelligence is already changing the way cities work. We’ll discuss why Miovision is the clear choice to help cities realize their smart city visions, in a practical way. And, we’ll explain how our Traffic AI is helping change the way cities solve traffic problems. 

Key Learnings: 

  • Miovision’s Traffic AI continually learns and improves
  • Our detection solution measures up to the TERL industry standard
  • The City of Portland is benefitting from AI at the intersection 




Matthew Trushinski

Director, Marketing at Miovision

As the Director of Marketing at Miovision, Matthew is responsible for providing strategic direction for Miovision products and solutions, in addition to presenting the brand worldwide. He’s passionate about data, artificial intelligence, and how ITS technology impacts cities and their citizens.