Traffic Big Data, where it works
and where it doesn't

  April 28, 2021  10:30am EST

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Traffic data from connected vehicles, devices and probes have become widely available in recent years. They are the source for what is widely known as Big Data. Within Traffic Engineering, this form of data finds many applications. But Traffic Big Data is no silver bullet. This kind of data is new to the industry and it's important for practitioners to completely understand the strength and weakness of this new source of data.

In this webinar we will explain:

  • The inner workings of Traffic Big Data and how the data is gathered, filtered, presented and the impact of penetration rates.
  • Where the data is a best fit and where it may break down and potentially bias important decisions.


Sajad Shiravi

Sajad Shiravi

Sajad is a Product Manager at Miovision. He is a Professional Engineer in Ontario and has almost 10 years of academic and industry experience in transportation engineering. His main focus has been on new sources of traffic data and developing methods and products that turn data into impact. Specifically in the past 5 years he has been working with traffic signal performance measures helping cities incorporate high resolution traffic data into their workflows.