Clear Signals 101

Understanding ATSPMs and what they can do
for your traffic network

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Taking a data-driven approach to the overall performance of traffic networks, Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures (ATSPMs) enable traffic teams to measure network performance against the objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) your organization is working towards. 

To help you better understand how to use ATSPMs to optimize traffic network performance, part 3 of the TrafficLink User Training Program is the online Clear Signals Certification program. This program is designed to help traffic teams adopt and understand ATSPMs, and how these measures can contribute to the maintenance, operations, and optimization of your signalized intersections.

Clear Signals 101 covers ATSPM basics and provides you with a hands-on learning experience in the following areas:

  • Fundamentals of signal performance data and the applicable traffic engineering concepts
  • Intersection performance assessments and optimizations
  • Using ATSPMS to conduct before/after studies

You will learn effective strategies for identifying problems more efficiently and learn how to test mitigation techniques to make data-driven decisions. Prior to taking the program you may also want to download the Clear Signals ebook, here

After the session, you’ll receive an online quiz. Once you’ve successfully completed the quiz you’ll also get a downloadable certificate from Miovision.


Sajad Shiravi

Sajad Shiravi

Sajad is a Senior Traffic Specialist at Miovision who specializes in turning traffic data into impact. With a master’s degree in Civil Engineering, he brings a wealth of traffic engineering expertise to the Product Management team to develop products that can help cities improve the performance and safety of their traffic networks. Having worked with traffic signal performance measures for the past few years, helping cities to incorporate high-resolution traffic data into their workflows, Sajad is also the author of the Clear Signals eBook.