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How to Use ATSPMs to Keep Your Intersections Healthy

  March 13, 2019  Watch the recording

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As agencies continue to adopt ATSPMs to assess and maintain their traffic networks, there’s a gap in information around how this data is actually implemented to help cities maintain healthy intersections. 

That’s why we created our brand new eBook: Clear Signals – How to Use ATSPMs to Keep Your Intersections Healthy
Our eBook is designed to provide direction for traffic engineers looking to adopt ATSPMs as part of their ongoing efforts around maintenance, operations, and optimization of their signalized intersections. 
Showcasing real-world examples gathered over the past two years using Miovision TrafficLink, our eBook serves as a how-to guide, walking readers through our strategy for identifying problems more efficiently and helping agencies make data-driven decisions by testing different mitigation strategies. 
Watch the webinar recording, where we share insights on how we're using ATSPMs from Miovision TrafficLink to help cities maintain healthy intersections. 
Listen as Sajad Shiravi, Senior Traffic Engineering Specialist at Miovision, walks through the three main objectives of assessing and maintaining healthy intersections. This webinar will cover the application of ATSPMs at all three levels necessary for intersection health:

  • Maintenance: How to ensure signals, detectors, and communications are performing correctly in order to generate reliable signal performance measures (SPMs)
  • Operations: Identifying the key components that must be functioning properly at an operational level in order to attain intersection health
  • Optimization: Exploring the capabilities ATSPMs can provide in flagging and addressing performance issues from a signal optimization perspective



Sajad Shiravi

Senior Traffic Engineering Specialist

Sajad Shiravi is a Traffic Engineering Specialist at Miovision. He’s earned a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and received his Master of Science degree in Transportation Engineering from the University of New Brunswick. Over the last three years at Miovision, Sajad has been helping customers put ATSPMs into practice and successfully incorporating the data into their daily workflows. He also helps the product team in developing new metrics to enhance the value our products bring to our users.


Shannon Hebert

ITS Marketing Manager

As ITS Marketing Manager at Miovision, Shannon connects transportation professionals with solutions to help transform the way they operate. Drawing on more than 16 years of experience in sales and marketing with global industry heavyweights, including BlackBerry, AT&T, and Motorola, Shannon brings a wealth of knowledge to her role at Miovision. She’s passionate about helping cities improve their traffic networks to put citizens first.