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Using data and experiential design to help reduce congestion in Luxembourg

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The City of Luxembourg faces an uncommon challenge in that almost 45 percent of its workforce is made up of cross-border workers who commute from outside the country every day. Traffic congestion is high on the list of issues the city is eager to solve, and leading up to the Design City LX festival in 2018, organizers saw a unique opportunity to apply some of the best creative minds to help find a solution to their congestion problem.

Sensity – a design firm focused on innovation – was invited to participate and apply their social design expertise on the project. They used Miovision Scout and DataLink to collect and analyze traffic data and applied the results to visualize traffic flows in an experiential digital installation for citizens traveling along a major arterial. The digital installation visually demonstrated how many square meters were taken up by citizens traveling along this route, and helped commuters be aware of how their personal choices regarding modes of transportation contributed to the congestion problem.

Watch the webinar recording, to learn how Sensity used Miovision Scout and DataLink to: 

  • Collect and analyze traffic data 
  • Apply the results to visualize traffic flows in an experiential digital installation for citizens traveling along a major arterial
  • Change public opinion around multimodal transportation and their contribution to congestion problems



Anja Engelke

Digital Strategy Consultant at Sensity SARL Luxembourg

Anja has a great passion for interface design and data visualization. She holds a masters degree in Design and has 17 years of experience in the fields of brand and user experience. She ran her own brand strategy and corporate identity design consultancy for over seven years and has worked as a lead consultant for digital projects for large corporations. As an expert in the areas of digital strategy and innovation consulting she works at Sensity on several co-creation and smart city topics.


Katerina Hyzyk

Marketing Programs Manager, Miovision

Katerina Hyzyk is the Marketing Programs Manager at Miovision. She connects transportation professionals with solutions that can help transform their operations. She’s passionate about smart cities, and advancing transportation technologies that improve traffic networks and benefit citizens.