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How DRMP used ATSPMs to help reduce congestion in Escambia County

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Signal optimization can significantly reduce congestion and improve traffic flow on arterial roads. However, when limited to traditional approaches, signal retiming projects take an average of 8 hours to complete and many corridors are only retimed every 3-5 years. 

Watch the webinar recording to hear directly from DRMP and learn how they succeeded in reducing congestion in Escambia County using Miovision TrafficLink. This study showed how small tweaks to the traffic network can have huge impacts on progression, fuel emissions, and costs and we'll dig into exactly how DRMP got the information they needed to make those changes.

Key learning objectives

In this webinar, you'll learn how DRMP used Miovision TrafficLink show some major results like:

  • Time savings: Based on the vehicle travel time data collected, there is an estimated weekly time savings of approximately 1,200 vehicle hours along the corridor
  • Reduced fuel emissions: According to the Synchro model calculations, a significant weekly fuel savings of approximately 3,400 gallons would be realized
  • Reduced costs: The improvements translated to an estimated $7 million of cumulative delay, and fuel savings

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Matt Duench

Director, Product Marketing at Miovision

Matt Duench is Director of Product Marketing at Miovision. He works alongside product experts to help city departments and transportation professionals transform operations, and build smarter cities. He's passionate about technologies that make public infrastructure more accessible, improve traffic operations, and benefit citizens.


Samuel Campbell, PE, PTOE

Project Engineer at DRMP, Inc.

Samuel A. Campbell, is a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) with engineering firm DRMP, in Pensacola, Florida. With more than seven years of experience with DRMP, Sam provides customers with expertise in traffic engineering spanning signal design, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), traffic studies, signal retiming, and more. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, from Auburn University, as well as PE, PTOE, and IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level II certifications.