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Making every road user count: Safety Analytics

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Every year 1.35 million people die on roads around the world and an additional 20 to 50 million are injured. In an effort to achieve Vision Zero, many communities are looking for new ways to solve their traffic safety challenges, such as: 

  • Implementing Complete Streets that are inclusive of all modes of transportation
  • Being proactive about road safety, instead of reactive based on historical crash data 
  • Validating the impact of countermeasures

Join us to learn about the intersection compliance metrics designed to provide traffic teams with the insights needed to identify safety risks at intersections, including: 

  • Red Light Runner reports 
  • Pedestrian Compliance reports 



Salman Ladha

Product Marketing Manager, Miovision

As a Product Marketing Manager at Miovision, Salman Ladha draws on his creativity to connect traffic professionals with Miovision solutions. He is passionate about working directly with customers, loves to be out in the field, and is always on the lookout for opportunities to learn from industry experts on his quest to uncover new ways to deliver on smart city initiatives.