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How Automated Measurement and Intelligent Transportation Systems can make Traffic Management Plans more effective

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Events at sports stadiums and concert halls bring major benefits to a region, but also produce unwanted side effects — specifically traffic. Join our webinar to hear from industry experts about the strategies and tactics they use to implement and measure their Traffic Management Plans, as well as some technologies that can make those plans even more effective. 

Key Learnings: 

  • Overview of the ecosystem of venues, city staff, and consultants and engineers who create, implement, and measure Traffic Management Plans
  • Review how an Intelligent Transportation System and Automated Traffic Measurement tools can improve Traffic Management Plans
  • See how a venue in the midwest was able to save millions in infrastructure expansions by using observational data collected by an automated traffic measurement tool



Salman Ladha

Product Marketing Manager at Miovision

As a Product Marketing Manager at Miovision, Salman Ladha draws on his creativity to connect traffic professionals with Miovision solutions. He is passionate about working directly with customers, loves to be out in the field, and is always on the lookout for opportunities to learn from industry experts on his quest to uncover new ways to deliver on smart city initiatives.


Paul Askin

Director, Public Safety and Transportation at OSEG (Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group)

Paul Askin has built his career in the Ottawa Hospitality industry, with a focus on security and the guest experience. Paul previously worked with the Westin Ottawa and Shaw Centre where he helped to create a strong service culture. In 2014, Paul joined TD Place where he was tasked with building and managing the security and public safety programs for the newly redeveloped 40 acre mixed-use site. In 2017, Paul took on the role of Director of Public Safety and Transportation, adding the TD Place and Lansdowne transportation and parking programs to his portfolio. He is a proud member of Ottawa’s largest sports and entertainment company, who continue to push the boundaries of event size and complexity in Ottawa.


Paul Plotas

Transportation Section Manager at Burns & McDonnell

With more than 29 years of traffic engineering design and transportation planning experience, I currently serve as the Transportation Section Manager at Burns & McDonnell. I am a professional engineer in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Arizona, Iowa, New Mexico and Texas. 


Tim Cope

Staff Traffic Engineer at Burns & McDonnell

Experienced Assistant Civil Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. Skilled in TrafficAnalysis, VISSIM, Synchro, Signal Timing, Microsoft Excel, and Research. Strong engineering professional with a Master'sDegree focused in Civil & Environmental Engineering from University of Missouri-Columbia.