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Being right is all about being accurate.

When you're making decisions based on data, the end result is only as good as the data that goes into it. So why use a traffic data collection tool that’s susceptible to error? With customers in 67 countries, and billions of data points to power our Traffic AI, you can rest assured that Miovision is committed to providing accurate traffic data you can trust.


Fast and accurate results
You need high-quality traffic data, and you need it fast. For projects big or small, you’re guaranteed 95%+ accuracy within 72 hours. 


Portable and durable
Miovision Scout is designed, tested, and built to withstand extreme weather, vibrations, and drops in the field. It’s so easy to use, you can set it up in 5 minutes and take it down even faster.


Your safety should always come first, so Scout is built to be deployed at the roadside – out of harm's way.


Fully Connected
Boost efficiency and spend less time in the field with the ability to remotely manage your Scout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about the Miovision Scout platform.

Urban and city planners, traffic engineers, departments of transportation, and advocacy groups all need traffic data to make decisions about the way cities and transportation networks are planned and managed. Traffic data collected by Miovision Scout is used by transportation professionals all over the world to help improve mobility and make transportation networks more efficient.

Whether you want to count vehicles, bikes, people, or something else, if you can see it, we can count it. Our standard classifications include: pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, cars, light-goods vehicles, single unit trucks, articulated trucks, busses, and custom classifications like scooters upon request. You can also complete Traffic Studies using video recorded by Scout. Studies include: travel time, intersection counts, roundabout counts, road volume data, traffic project analysis, pedestrian and bicycle pathway counts, right-turns on red, and crosswalk data.

Miovision ensures 95%+ data accuracy on all traffic data collection studies using a three-step-process. Once a video is uploaded to Miovision, it’s configured by a Data Services Technician to identify all vehicle entry and exit points, and all possible movements. The video is then submitted to Miovision’s proprietary system for data extraction. Once traffic data is initially processed, a minimum of 12% of every hour is manually reviewed by Data Services Technicians to ensure Miovision’s ±5/95% Accuracy Standard. A visual time-of-day inspection is also taken to review data anomalies. Corridors and adjacent locations are checked with data visualization tools to ensure a ±5 vehicle accuracy or 95% match between common links. Inconsistencies are manually reviewed for data bin-overlap or reviewing the study area for mid-block trip generators or destinations.

Miovision’s sole purpose is to process and deliver aggregated traffic data to its clients. Accessible online, the DataLink portal, visualizes traffic data extracted from client video in an aggregated form using graphs and matrices. This aggregated traffic data holds no personally identifiable information. When recording video, Miovision Scout leaves faces unrecognizable and license plates undecipherable to prevent the collection of personally identifiable information. To collect Travel Times, Scout captures MAC address data from passing WiFi devices to generate data for traffic flow analysis. To avoid capturing personal identifiable data, Miovision hashes MAC addresses on Scout and only processes these hashed values. Hashed values are anonymous.

Miovision DataLink is free to use, and you can sign up here. To learn more about pricing and to buy a Miovision Scout, simply fill out the form above, and a representative from Miovision will be in touch to answer your questions.