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Introduction to Intersection Health

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To make it easier (and faster) for you to take advantage of ATSPM data within TrafficLink, the new Intersection Health feature automatically surfaces inefficiencies caused by performance-related issues and helps your traffic team:

  • Focus on solving problems, instead of sifting through data
  • Proactively identify potential issues before they trigger citizen complaints
  • Prioritize challenges and efficiently allocate required traffic engineering resources

As part of TrafficLink Performance Measures, this new feature supports your efforts to identify, diagnose, and solve traffic problems using real-time data from existing infrastructure.

Watch the webinar recording to learn more, including:

  • Why this feature was developed and why now
  • Where you can access this new tool
  • What it does and how it simplifies ATSPM data
  • Who in your organization can benefit from its capabilities
  • How to use this to your advantage

This session includes a walkthrough of the new feature so you can see it in action and understand how you can apply it to your traffic optimization efforts.


Sajad Shiravi headshot

Sajad Shiravi, PEng. Product Manager, Miovision

Sajad is a Senior Traffic Specialist at Miovision who specializes in turning traffic data into impact. With a master’s degree in Civil Engineering, he brings a wealth of traffic engineering expertise to the Product Management team to develop products that can help cities improve the performance and safety of their traffic networks. Having worked with traffic signal performance measures for the past few years, helping cities to incorporate high-resolution traffic data into their workflows, Sajad is also the author of the Clear Signals eBook.


Salman Ladha headshot

Salman Ladha, Product Marketing Manager, Miovision

As a Product Marketing Manager at Miovision, Salman Ladha draws on his creativity to connect traffic professionals with Miovision solutions. He is passionate about working directly with customers, loves to be out in the field, and is always on the lookout for opportunities to learn from industry experts on his quest to uncover new ways to deliver on smart city initiatives.