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Keeping communities moving during large events

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About this whitepaper

From the economic boost to local businesses to increased publicity and a more vibrant community, large events bring major benefits to host cities. But along with the benefits, events like professional sports, festivals, concerts, and other popular attractions also produce unwanted side effects, namely, increased traffic. 

Striking a balance allows cities to benefit from the positives while minimizing the negatives, but often it can be difficult for organizers to know where to start. This whitepaper is a deep dive into the traffic-related impacts of hosting large events. Download it today to learn more about:

  • The links between events, communities, and transportation
  • How traffic measurement tools and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) capabilities can be applied to make traffic management plans more effective during large, potentially-disruptive events
  • Real-world examples of how technology is helping cities deal with traffic around large events