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Smarter Traffic Signals: The Foundation to Creating a Smart City

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Unconnected traffic signals are like islands, isolated and disconnected from the outside world. Trying to manage and maintain these signals is time-consuming, often requiring a call from a concerned citizen to identify problems – and a trip to the intersection to correct them. This is inefficient.

That’s why the first step to a smarter city is to connect the signal network. Connected signals can allow traffic agencies to see and address infrastructure problems remotely, saving time and money while improving performance. Connectivity also allows cities to gather data gathered by intelligent signals, gaining new insights into how traffic flows through their road networks.  

Watch the webinar, Smarter Traffic Signals: The Foundation to Creating a Smart City, where you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily connect your traffic signals
  • Monitor your traffic network
  • Acquire data and generate insights for better traffic planning
  • And how other agencies are connecting their signals in a smarter way



Shannon Hebert

ITS Marketing Manager, Miovision

As ITS Marketing Manager at Miovision, Shannon connects transportation professionals with solutions to help transform the way they operate. Drawing on more than 16 years of experience in sales and marketing with global industry heavyweights, including BlackBerry, AT&T, and Motorola, Shannon brings a wealth of knowledge to her role at Miovision. She’s passionate about helping cities improve their traffic networks to put citizens first.


Salman Ladha

Product Marketing Manager, Miovision

As a Product Marketing Manager at Miovision, Salman Ladha draws on his creativity to connect traffic professionals with Miovision solutions. He is passionate about working directly with customers, loves to be out in the field, and is always on the lookout for opportunities to learn from industry experts on his quest to uncover new ways to deliver on smart city initiatives.