Miovision One

Our newest cloud-based software platform seamlessly consolidates all your traffic solution software in one place so you can better address current and future global mobility challenges.

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  • An Integrated Platform for Comprehensive Traffic Management

    With traffic data collection and analysis, traffic signal optimization, and road safety assessments, Miovision One provides a range of solutions for managing traffic and transportation networks—all in one platform.

Empowering Traffic Teams With Centralized Data Solutions

Transportation agencies and cities no longer need to wrestle with technology to manage traffic flow, reduce congestion, improve safety, and optimize transportation networks. Through a centralized data platform, Miovision One offers a wide range of benefits, addressing current and evolving needs.

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Key Platform Features

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring

Traffic monitoring and reporting capabilities in real-time enable transportation professionals to make data-driven decisions.

Outcome-Based Management

Improved safety, congestion, or travel times—just define your outcome to receive recommendations based on best practices.

Advanced Data Visualization and Reporting

Detailed reports, graphs, and maps make it easy to analyze and understand a vast amount of data.

24/7 Data Access

Since Miovision One is cloud-based, data is accessible anywhere and anytime—all you need is an internet connection.

Unified Interface for Rapid Adoption

Users can easily interact with all applications to intuitively access dashboards, help, technical support, notifications, and more.

Integrated Applications

Adaptive: A real-time traffic signal control system designed to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion under dynamic traffic conditions is scalable and deployable in urban grids and corridors.

Performance: A powerful tool for managing and optimizing traffic flow with real-time data, advanced analytics, and a user-friendly interface.

Detection: A versatile and customizable software application for traffic data collection that provides accurate and reliable information on vehicle and pedestrian traffic using advanced sensors and analytics.

Studies: Leverage advanced traffic monitoring technology—such as video-based traffic sensors and machine learning algorithms—to effectively capture and analyze traffic data in real time.

Intersection Monitoring: A comprehensive software application for managing and analyzing traffic data, with real-time data, customizable, and scalable capabilities.

Mobility Reports: A comprehensive tool for visualizing and analyzing traffic data with advanced data analysis and visualization for all Miovision intersections.

Pricing Packages

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  • The World’s Most Trusted Traffic Data

    At Miovision, we understand that precise data is the foundation for effective traffic management strategies. Our advanced video-based data collection methods ensure unmatched accuracy, delivering reliable results even in complex traffic scenarios. Traffic teams around the world rely on our data to make informed decisions, allocate resources effectively, and implement targeted interventions that address specific challenges within their road networks.

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