Next Gen Video Detection

Miovision has taken video detection to the next level by combining the world’s best computer vision algorithms with easy-to-use tools. Experience next gen video detection with TrafficLink.

Reliable in all conditions

Our traffic AI uses deep neural networks to “see” your intersection, so it can recognize vehicles in all types of weather conditions.

  • TrafficLink Detection is powered by our industry-leading traffic AI, which actually “sees” the intersection
  • We continually feed our traffic AI new data, so it’s always learning and getting smarter
  • Video recall and alerts allow for quick diagnosis of problems

Single 4k camera, easy installation

The TrafficLink platform is truly plug and play, with simple installation and easy maintenance. One 4k camera captures the entire intersection so that TrafficLink Detection can be up and running in no time.

  • Low-maintenance
  • Guided configuration makes installation simple
  • Cloud-based security and reliability

True video detection

Miovision TrafficLink makes detection easy. It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to fundamentally change the way traffic detection works.

  • Detect vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists, with a single camera – all at once
  • Create fully actuated control plans in seconds
  • Real-time recognition for advanced V2I integrations

Easily prove the impact of your detection solution

TrafficLink Detection provides you with detailed ATSPMs that are easy to understand, helping you prove the value of your detection solution.

  • Before and after reports to help you prove the impact of changes
  • Clear ATSPMs that demonstrate the positive impact of your investment

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